The following Terms and Conditions apply to any service performed by Autoterminal Japan (ATJ) for its customers. ATJ is the only used vehicles exporting management and inspection center in Japan.

  • No vehicles will be received at any AutoTerminal until contractual agreements are finalized including the date the vehicles are delivered.
  • Storage costs for vehicles arriving at AutoTerminal without contractual agreements will incur the following storage charges as well as an X ¥ handling receiving charge:
    • Less than 14M3 : ¥ 290 per day
    • 14M3 - 19M3 : ¥ 360 per day
    • 20M3-29M3 : ¥ 420 per day
    • 30M3-40M3 : ¥ 470 per day
    • More than 40M3 : ¥ 530 per day
  • Vehicles arriving at AutoTerminal yard will be processed immediately as per contractual agreement.
  • Vehicles processed as per contractual agreement, cost will be charged to customers regardless if services deemed unnecessary.
  • Changes and amendments to contractual agreement must be produced in writing by contacting mfujie@autoterminal.co.jp prior to vehicles' arrival.
  • All customers will be billed on the 20th of each month with payment to make promptly within 10 days. Late payments will be subject to a penalty of 2.75% interest per month.
  • Vehicles inspected for more than 30 days will incur a storage fee as per following table:
    • Less than 14M3 : ¥ 290 per day
    • 14M3 - 19M3 : ¥ 360 per day
    • 20M3-29M3 : ¥ 420 per day
    • 30M3-40M3 : ¥ 470 per day
    • More than 40M3 : ¥ 530 per day
  • Retention of Title: Property in all vehicles supplied will not be turned over to the customer until the vehicles have been fully paid. If payment is not received when it is due, we may enter any premises where the goods are and repossess them.
  • Warranty: Autoterminal Japan's warranty is that any information provided within the customer's login is 100% correct. If this information is found to be incorrect upon discharge at port of final destination, a "Claim" should be made to the CSC within 7 days.
  • Guarantee: is restricted to the description of vehicles purchased via the internet or by faxed stock list. Bumpers, tires, brakes, clutch, CV joints, batteries, electrical, and audio accessories are not included and are considered maintenance items. Damage during shipment is also not covered and should be appropriated claimed with the local shipping agent. Minor paint and panel discrepancies are also not covered, as these are often a result of handling in the ports and on the ship.
  • Defect Notification: If the cost of repairing the defect is less than 10% of the cost of the part, then ATJ can automatically repair the defect. If the defect is more than the amount, the customer has 24-hours to notify by email or the customer service center to either repair or send the vehicle as is.
  • Claims: All processed are backed by a seven (7) day guarantee. If the vehicle(s) arrive and are not as described, a claim must be submitted within 7 days after arrival at the destination port, regardless of customs clearance, transport, delivery or compliance time. Claims are not accepted for vehicles driven off the port to destinations more than 2 kilometers away without a full servicing and change of fluids.
  • The following conditions apply to all claims applications:
    • The vehicle must not have been registered.
    • The vehicle must not have been driven in excess of 2 kms.
    • The vehicle must be in the exact condition as when it was received.
    • The vehicle must be returned by the original purchaser.
    • The vehicle must be returned to the appropriate regional AutoTerminal if necessary.

Maritime insurance and vehicle damage is not covered by ATJ's policy without purchasing additional vehicle insurance. The marine cargo insurance we have in place is a broad policy designed to cover:

  • Damage - major damage to vehicles while in transit to the customer including, the sinking of a vessel carrying the vehicles
  • "General Average" - a shipping term which applies that all cargo owners are required to pay their share of costs should a vessel be stranded or run aground. These general average claims can run into tens of millions of dollars.

In some cases, the third party may be responsible for the damage that includes the ship operator or the stevedore. In these cases, Autoterminal Japan will work with the customer to recover losses from those parties.

The insurance applies until the unit is delivered to the storage location in the destination port. The responsibility of the vehicle after that point lies with the customer and the person to whom the vehicle has been delivered.

The policy has a US Dollars (USD) franchise value, which means that the claims have to be over $500 USD for the insurance to apply.