FIJI Biosecurity

The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) has given Autoterminal Japan the provisional approval to be a BAF Approved Used Vehicle System in Japan.

The provisional approval given to ATJ is based on the Standard Operating System shared with BAF and recognition of an Equivalence- approval granted by NZMPI (New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry).

With this approval, Autoterminal Japan is expected to:

  1. operate in compliance with the agreed SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of BAF, in alignment with the BIS for all new and used vehicles, vessels, conveyances and farm machinery imported to Fiji

  2. appropriate risk management measures implemented to prevent contamination post treatment.

  3. ensure that the exported vehicles are clean and biosecurity contaminant-free upon arrival in Fiji.

  4. handle transit vehicles as per the BIS or in accordance with the SOP.

Autoterminal Japan will conduct treatment of new and used goods exported to Fiji, and endorse the treatment certificate to the BAF for border clearance.